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Customer Testimonials

Words of Our Satisfied Clients, Success Stories with The BDM Summit

I recently attended the BDM Summit 2023, presented by Sarah Cincotta and Hermione Gardiner.

The seminar covered a wide range of topics for BDM's to assist in personal growth.

The speakers were industry experts who delivered engaging and informative presentations.

I highly recommend this seminar to any BDMs looking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Thank you to both Sarah and Hermione for a great event; it is great to see such passion in our Industry.

Yvette Johnston

Nelson Alexander

I've had 4 messages over night, saying u were brilliant, I love love good people succeeding .

Well done.

It was so lovely to meet you yesterday and I just wanted to reach out to thank you for such an incredible conference.

You are extremely driven, passionate & inspiring to many.



Thank you for today, it was such a wonderful and insightful day. I have so much to do and share with my colleagues as well, and so many plans.

Well done on today! I know there is so much work involved and sometimes after the event you stand thinking about all the things that you weren't happy with but honestly as a delegate, it was bloody perfect. Well done, you two rocked it and I got so many takeaways xx

I wanted to cry seeing you up there

You're an incredible speaker

Go you powerful and incredible human!!!

Good Morning, beautiful people

Just wanted to send a quick message to wish you all the best for your event today.

I'm sure you are very excited and it will be a hit!

Enjoy the ride and reward for all of the hard work

Hey ladies, just wanted to wish you both well today and to say congratulations on what you've managed to achieve with bringing today together. I hope in the excitement of it all you find a moment to celebrate what you've accomplished and I hope you know how important this work is for so many.

Congratulations from me and the entire team at Kolmeo.

Great day ladies you did an amazing job putting on an amazing event • Sitting here now at 10pm going through my workbook and eating Hermione Gardiner emergency chocolate (amazing idea by the way)

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